1. AirPlay Tutorial for Squrl’s iPhone App

    Hey everyone, we wanted to cover one of our most important and prized features AirPlay compatibility.

    Although AirPlay has been supported by our iPad and iPhone versions since our launch last year, the new design introduced in our latest version gives you the same great AirPlay experience whether you’re on your iPhone or iPad. Now, wherever you go with your iPhone you are packing hours worth of prime video content that can be easily played on any Apple TV.

    Here are a few prerequisites before AirPlay is possible:

    Once you’ve made sure you have everything listed above you’re ready to start watching Squrl on your TV, just follow these easy steps.

    1. Download the latest version of Squrl
    2. Launch Squrl and sign in. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter, or by creating a Squrl account.
    3. Make sure your Apple TV is on, up-to-date, and connected properly to your TV.
    4. Select a video from your favorite playlist, Fresh, or What’s Hot. Once the video starts to play, select the AirPlay button and this will send the video from your iPad or iPhone to your TV.

    5. Don’t touch a thing! Thanks to Squrl’s playlisting feature, once the video you initially played is done the next video in the playlist will automatically begin. Enjoy a constant stream of video without having to spend time navigating from one video to the next.

    -Squrl Team