1. Squrl 2.0 Now Available

    The whole team here is excited to announce the release of Squrl 2.0. With 2.0 we’ve made some big changes and added new features to help you discover and consume great video content.  We want to ensure you don’t miss out on videos you care about, without having to do the work of finding them.

    Personalized Channel Guide 

    Tell Squrl what topics you are interested in, and we create a personalized channel guide for you.

    New and Trending Video

    Our “Fresh” section brings the most recent content from across all of these channels to the forefront. Be first to see what video is trending on social networks and across all the providers supported by Squrl in the new “What’s Hot” section.

    More Content

    Squrl now supports thousands of feeds and millions of videos from hundreds of different providers, including Hulu, CNN, ESPN, NASA, CNBC, The New York Times, The Economist, Devour, Reddit, TMZ, TED, Tech Crunch, Vimeo, Pitchfork, Food Network, Funny or Die, IGN and many more.

    Sign-in Not Required

    Try our free application before signing in— simply select what you are interested in and start watching videos without having to create an account.

    More Social

    When you are ready, sign in with your favorite services like Facebook, Twitter and connect to Netflix and YouTube, they all become part of your channel lineup. Squrl presents you with all the videos posted to your social networks by friends and people you follow. Squrl transforms your tablet video experience into a social one, with a list of your friends and people you follow always available in a sidebar. What friends and the Squrl community are watching is simply one touch away. You can just as easily add friends from Facebook, Twitter, and your contact list. Sharing videos with people on Squrl or posting them to a Twitter timeline and a Facebook wall is now easier than ever.

    Redesigned Interface with Gestures 

    The new interface and player controls are now gesture-based, meaning the opening and closing of navigation panels is done with natural swiping motions, opening video to full screen and closing video players with a simple pinching motion.