1. New Release Available in App Store

    From the beginning Squrl has been about building a place where you can discover, experience and curate online video. Over the past few months here at Squrl we’ve been brainstorming, experimenting and talking to users about ways to improve Squrl, realize these goals further and bring you great video every day. We are now feverishly working on our 2.0 version. In the meantime, we wanted to get an update into the store that improves the existing Squrl experience and will be critical to making our 2.0 a success!

    Download the new update in the App Store and you’ll find: 

    New Viewing Experience on the iPad

    Play a video in the updated iPad app and you’ll access a new and improved viewing experience. The new player has smooth, consistent controls across all the video in Squrl.

    More Providers

    We’ve added two of the most requested video sources, TechCrunch TV and CollegeHumor, to our list of supported providers.  Check out their channels to discover, watch and collect video.

    Blog Playlists

    Ever since Squrl began to take shape our team has talked about how cool it would be to turn your favorite video-heavy blog in to a playlist on Squrl. With this release we’ve made it happen—check them out here. Are there any blogs you want to see as Squrl playlists?

    Switch from Galleries and Collections to Channels and Playlists

    Squrl is a tool for discovering new video and in an effort to make our language reflect this we’ve updated our organization labels.  The Channel has replaced the Gallery and the Playlist has replaced the Collection.

    Finally we have fixed lots of little issues to generally improve Squrl.

    Head to the app store and download the new release!