1. Welcome to the Squrl Blog!

    If you are reading this post right now, you’ve either already used Squrl (and loved it!), or have no idea what Squrl is and would like to learn more. Whatever category you fall into, we hope that you use Squrl and become an active part of our community!

    For those who are new, Squrl is a Watch It Later service for online video, allowing you to save video you watch from all over the web to one central location. However Squrl is not simply a feature that goes into your bookmarks bar. Squrl is a platform that allows you to curate and collect video while engaging with friends and others in a community.

    The Squrl blog is an extension of that community. We’ll post information that you should be aware of including new features and cool content on Squrl.

    We’ve also created a Get Satisfaction page where you can view FAQs, ask questions, raise issues, and receive a timely response. If you click on the Support tab at the top of the page you will be taken to the Squrl Get Satisfaction page.

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    Now what are you waiting for? Start squrling!